Seller register with isellerz:

The sellers who are envisaging to work with us and sell your product with us have a dream come true to reach almost any place that you could have ever imagined.

Seller Upload Product Catalogue:

The seller who is registered with us can give the product catalogue to be uploaded to our integration platform which enables you to reach out the huge consumer base.

Neighbourhood dukanline shop:

The consumer visits the huge network of our online shoppee dukanline stores which are placed in the local neighbourhood kirana stores which are the most flexible for the consumer to reach out.

Browses seller products:

Our dukanline kiosk placed with the kirana store member showcases the huge catalogue of the items that the consumer can buy from.

Booking by paying cash:

The consumer who visits the neighbourhood dukanline shop can pay the cashto the shop keeper itself to make sure that the product has been successfully ordered. So we give the peace of mind to the consumers by making them have the transactions done in cash and also to the person in their neighbourhood.

Seller accepts the order:

As soon as the consumer books the order at the local dukanline store the seller will be given the message of the order placement and immediately the seller accepts the order and makes the necessary arrangements for the product delivery.

Seller ship the order:

When the message of the product order has been placed the seller immediately takes the necessary arrangements to get the order ready to be shipped to the address specified by the consumer.

Shipping order update:

As soon as the product is placed with the logistics cart the seller updates the shipping information of where and about of the placed order and the approximate time taken for the delivery to be reaching the door step of the consumer.

SMS alert to the consumer:

The seller updates the shipping details to the consumer and the consumer gets the SMS alert to the mobile of theshipment. Soon the order is going to be fulfilled to the consumer.

Sellers receive payment:

As soon as the seller ships the product and the product gets delivered to the customer the money will be directly transferred into the account of the seller.

Clearly making a hassle free transaction from the product selection to the funds transfer to the seller.


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