Sell with us

We carry the inventory that reaches the hinterlands of the country making your product reach each and every individual of the country.

We make the sellers and the channel partners feel happy about their products sales’ and we even make the retailers happy with the way the returns they have gained from the sales they have made through the process of selling the online goods along with their goods increasing the customer base of theirs’.

We have the largest network of the retailers and sellers who can make your product reach to the places where you actually can’t even imagine reaching.

We create the large customer base for you with the discounts and coupons that we provide with our Dudubu site; so when you have a large customer base it is obvious that the product you wanted to sell goes out in large numbers earning you more profits than you have expected.

You can directly ship the products to the customers at their door after confirmation saving a lot of time and money for the sellers.

Stock with us

We carrying the inventory in our site even make it possible for you to make your inventory stored in our warehouse from where we can ship the products to the customers upon the confirmation of the product sale.

We provide the feasibility of going to a local retailer and having customer requirement fulfilled at their doorstep without having to waste valuable time and money.

We give you total freedom in shipping as we take care of the rest. We place the stock in our ware house and from there on Isellerz platform will ship these products directly to customer up on receiving orders.


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